Master the Art of Stepping

(and Shed Pounds While You Do It!)

Ditch the Gym! Join the Online Program that Combines Dance & Fitness

Discover a new you – the “Ball Method” will have you stepping in no time flat!

I’m Ready To Dance!

"When life gets hectic, you get stuck indoors . . . and stuck to the couch. When you could be getting down with the step!"

Sound familiar?

  You want to get in shape, but getting to the gym is a hassle. Dumbbells, stair masters, yoga mats . . . where do you even start? (And exercising with all that stuff? Pssh, too complicated!) 

  You wish you could make more time for fun, but the days seem to slip by. Wake up, work, make dinner, relax by the TV, and then to bed. The cycle just keeps repeating without any change.

  You used to love to dance, but you just don’t make time for it anymore. You want to learn the stepping moves, but you feel shy asking for instruction at your age.

  You can’t remember the last time you and your partner really laughed. You used to have so much fun together, but that hasn’t happened in a long time. You wish there were a way to have more connection and joy together.

It’s time to get into a smoother groove! Those tired old routines don’t have to be your reality anymore!

Imagine if you could feel reinvigorated, stepping out into the community with confidence and class!

What if you could feel:

   Fit, energized, and full of life, with ample time for your friends and family (because your         exercise routine is now a group activity).

  Focused with your priorities aligned. You’re no longer stuck in a routine that doesn’t              make  time for your passions. Breaking up the daily habits that kept you on a fixed path        means you  gain more enjoyment out of life.

   Excited to get back on the dance floor. You’re keeping up with everyone else and            showing  off moves they haven’t seen before! Full of laughter and ready to step!

   Connected and in love. Remembering the joy of your relationship with your partner,      bringing lightness and good ol’ fashioned fun back into your days.

Sounds pretty great, right? Are you ready to transform your life and relationships?

It’s time to dance your way to a better you! 


Revitalize your body, your love of step dancing, and the relationships in your life (because once you get started, you’re going to want everyone else out on the dance floor with you!).

This is your opportunity to learn the original, authentic Chicago stepping method from native-Chicagoan teacher Rick Ball!

I’m Ready To Dance!

This online program features:

8 Modules

Videos to teach you the Ball Method of Stepping: 8 basic moves of steppingDancing step with a partner How to lead and follow (this is important for everyone!) How to make stepping your own by bringing your unique style 

Stepping Audio Track

Build confidence and dance to the right music for stepping

Lessons to Teach Your Partner or Children

Ways to teach your partner and family to dance with you!

Learn the Count

Understand how to follow the beat to stay in sync

Lifetime Membership

Access this exclusive training any time you want to get fit, have a laugh, have a moment with your partner, get energized and experience the enjoyment of stepping again and again 

This program was created to help dancers of all ages learn the basic steps of stepping and help them build confidence to teach their friends and families, too.

Dance & Fitness while having fun!

This program also features a unique fitness program customized for stepping dancers. By enrolling in the online program, you will also receive:


Free Fitness Assessment

Offered by Coach Wesley from Mobile Fitness Professionals


Stretching Made Easy

4 simple stretching routines designed to make you even more flexible to get to steppin’ on the dance floor

(Offered by Coach Wesley from Mobile Fitness Professionals)


“The Start”

The start is the most important part of the dance. We teach the lead and follow ,starting with the basic and this always apply as a stepper. You can’t get on the floor at a step set unless you know how to start. 

This is the most complicated movement in Stepping that we teach. 

When you master this move, nothing can stop you!

“The Start”

Learn how to start and stay on 8 count beat

Learn to start from follow and lead side

Learn the different ways to start

Learn the quick start

What are you waiting for?

Let’s Get Stepping!

Why do we know this program is so unique?

   You aren’t going to find another stepping and fitness program out there. We have created   this course because we saw a need for it in our community. It doesn’t already exist.

     This program was created in Chicago, the birthplace of stepping. You can’t get more original than that, my friends!

     You will discover the exclusive Ball Method, created by me, dance instructor Rick Ball. I have over 45 years of passion and experience in step dance.

     You can do this at your own pace. This online stepping and fitness program has a lifetime membership, which means you can return to it again and again.

Why do you need the Online Good Foot Stepping Program?

Dancing is one of the first things we learn when we begin to walk as babies. When we see toddlers respond to music, we laugh because we see how our bodies innately want to move to a beat. 

Even as an adult, you haven’t lost that! 

Enrolling in this program will help you:

  Reconnect with your dancing roots so that you can know greater joy in yourself and your community.

  Get up and move your body! Lose some of those pounds and feel good about yourself.

  Make beautiful memories with your loved ones so that you can enjoy the years to come with increased vitality and joy.

  Accomplish your goal of learning to step so that you can gain the confidence to show your stuff on the dance floor.

How does this program work? 

We keep it basic so that you can make this dance yours!

Over the course of 8 modules, you will be ready to get to stepping!

These modules will cover:

8 basic moves of stepping

Dancing step with a partner

How to lead and follow (this is important for everyone!)

How to make stepping your own by bringing your unique style

Ways to teach your partner and family to dance with you!

The fitness portion of this program includes a free fitness assessment by Coach Wesley, who will determine the best approach to improve your flexibility to master the moves.

Plus! A bonus stretching package as well to make sure you’re warmed up for dancing.

Make it Your Own!

Learn at your own pace to make sure you have mastered each step before going forward. 

The instructive video modules will help you understand each move. Pause or repeat any sections you need until you understand and can replicate the steps. 

Put it all together, and you’re ready to hit play on the James Brown records and get to stepping!

An Investment in Yourself and Your Future

(And don’t forget the children! They’ll be following in your legacy too.)

The BALL Method ................................................ $80.00

3 Minutes Count .................................................. $30.00 

The START............................................................. $50.00 

Stepping Accountable App .............................. $200.00 

Fitness Assessment ............................................ $25.00 

Stretching Made Easy ......................................... $75.00 

Total: $460.00

The price for this online course is only


You will gain everything you need to start dancing with confidence. 

*And* don’t forget that customized fitness plan, ensuring you’re

shedding the pounds while you’re stepping out. 

Only $37? Let’s Dance!

Our students are feeling these moves!

(This could be you too!)

“Rick is good. I like Rick’s style because he is regimented. Most classes, there is no organization whatsoever. But with Rick’s class, you have organization. You know exactly what you’re doing and Rick leads you into the steps. They’re very good.” -Ron

“I absolutely love the class! If anyone ever told me I would be dancing like this, I would have said, “no way!” I love it, I love it. I have two knees that I never thought would be working, but I’ve been dancing and I love it.” -Deborah

“I’m learning a lot in a short time. I’m really happy and proud of myself.” -Donna

You won’t have two left feet after taking this course!

I Can’t Wait to Try!

This is a 100% Risk-Free Purchase

We aren’t playing around (unless we’re on the dance floor!)

This program was made for *you* to get in shape, learn an incredible dance form, and improve your life quality. That’s it!

If you find that it does not meet your expectations, we don’t feel good about keeping your cash. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you find that this program doesn’t deliver what you were expecting. 

We will give you 365 days to figure that out! So take the course, learn the steps . . . and if you aren’t satisfied, we will refund the price of the course within one year of your purchase.

Just send us an email, and we will refund you, no questions asked. There is no risk in trying, we guarantee it!

Click the button below, go to the checkout page, and provide payment info. 

Orders will be processed on a secure server. This is a special offer, and the price will be going up soon. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to step for fitness and become a seasoned stepper from the comfort of your own home!

Meet Rick Ball

Hey, all you steppers! 

I am Rick Ball, Dance Instructor and Cosmetologist. I have been moving and grooving to step dancing (and teaching others along the way) for 48 years. 

I was born and raised in Chicago, where this beautiful dance originates from. “Sidewalk High” is my alma mater. Dancing (and having great style) are important to me, but so is having a long and healthy life. Bringing joy to others through dance and beauty is one of my greatest pleasures in life. 

I founded Good Foot Steppin Productions and Bell Style because of my dedication to the culture and elegance of the Black community. 

I developed The Ball Method of Stepping to ensure the legacy of this incredible dance form would not be forgotten. I pray we'll be sharing it with future generations for years to come. 

Dance instruction has provided me the opportunity to build a fantastic community and to enjoy every *step* along the way. I love meeting new people and sharing my passions with them. 

And I’m excited to get started – Let’s get stepping!

You’re My New Teacher!

Did someone tell you that you couldn’t dance?

I am here to say . . . Yes, you can! This course was designed to help dancers of all abilities learn stepping, better their health, and get more joy out of life.

Are you interested but you:

Think you have two left feet?

Are middle-aged (or better) and think dancing is just for kids? 

Feel anxious about trying something new?

Are worried that you won’t have the time to learn stepping? 

Let me put those stories to rest.

Everyone can learn to dance!

    The beauty of stepping is that it involves basic steps that can be developed further to create your own unique style. Or keep it simple! 

    Dancing is an excellent way for people of all ages to move their bodies, sweat, smile, and have a great time. Stepping is a family and community-centered dance form that gets everybody moving! You are never too old to step.

    This course is created for beginners but is helpful for even experienced dancers. You can build confidence by learning at home until you are ready to step in a group or attend one of our in-person classes.

    The 8 module course will allow you to discover the steps at your own pace. Even if you have a hectic schedule, the course modules make it easy to learn even one step a week. Eventually, you will master them all and be ready to get your friends and family dancing with you!

Don’t Let Another Day Pass . . . without stepping up!

There has never been a better time to learn this beautiful, fun dance form. You know you’ve been curious! Stop putting it off, when you could start building strength and community NOW! 

This course will set you up for success:

Learn the moves and develop your unique style

Build confidence and energize your life with dance fitness

Ignite romance with your partner on the dance floor (or at home)

Shed pounds while you’re having fun (ditch the gym membership already!)

Purchase the Good Foot Stepping Accountability App to make sure you never miss a class (and meet your fitness goals).

Don’t forget! With our money-back guarantee, there is no risk in joining (but you have everything to gain!)

Want to Know More? We’ve got you!

In this course, you will discover everything you need to begin stepping. But even in my 48 years, I know there is always more to learn. Here are some FAQs that will help you prepare for your course. 

How long does it take to learn how to step?

6 to 8 weeks

How long is the class?

1.5 hours

How should I dress when I practice?

You can dress casually (or put a little style on), but don’t forget your dance shoes! Ladies should bring gym shoes and heels. Men should bring gym shoes and dress shoes. As we get the steps down, we’ll start dressing it up a notch.

Will I learn how to lead?

Yes! You will learn to lead and follow. To be a complete stepper you must learn how to lead and follow. This ain't no half steppin. We teach the whole step!

Is this an 8-count or 6-count?

We teach eight counts and eight steps.

How many steps are there?

There are 8 steps in stepping.

What is the difference between bopping and stepping?

Stepping takes 8 steps to complete the movement of the dance, whereas bopping is a 6-step combination of shuffles and slides. So bopping goes a little like this: 2 shuffle shuffles to the left, 2 shuffle shuffles to the right, and then 2 more shuffles to the middle. Bopping is done strictly by shadowing. You and your partner go the same way all the time. Stepping is different. You can shadow or you can crisscross. Plus there’s always room to freestyle between steps (and dance to James Brown)! 

Do you teach walking?

Yes, we teach walking. And we can add a little finesse in that step too.

What is Gangster Steppin?

Gangster stepping is a dance created by the local Chicago gangs. It starts off with “man on man” then the ladies come later, and they dance to James Brown. This style starts on the first beat.

Do you have more questions? Contact us at Good Foot Steppers, and we will be glad to help. 

Tell Me More

“The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.” 

James Brown

James Brown knew what he was talking about! 

For a one-time payment of $37, The Online Good Foot Stepping Program will help you build confidence, strength, and most of all, joy.

Dancing can solve most of our problems, and you can look good while you’re doing it too.

Get started on a path and let the



See You In Class, Rick!


Your New Dance Instructor